Rayalaseema, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, has a lot to offer in the form of their delicious cuisine. And to ensure you don’t miss out on these treasures of flavours we have curated a list of 10 Rayalaseema dishes that you must try. They are alive with authenticity and nostalgia in every single bite.




One of the staples in any South Indian household, Rasam is a flavorful blend of tamarind, lentils, tomatoes and spices. It tastes delicious when made with rice or even as a standalone dish. Depending on the key ingredient used, you can find different varieties of rasam.


Gutti Vanakaya Kura


This stuffed brinjal curry dish that is usually accompanied by rice, chapati and even biryani is a crowd-pleaser. This dish is very similar to Enne Badanekai, which is a part of Karnataka cuisine.


Paya Soup


The next dish on our list is good for both your taste buds and your health. Made from the leg of the lamb and the perfect blend of spices makes this flavorful soup a must-try.


Alasandala Vada


These vadas are a snack prepared during the festival of Sankranthi and are also popular as street food. Black-eyed peas are the main ingredient to make this crispy snack, and you can enjoy them with chutney.


Ragi Sangati


Made with millet (ragi) flour, rice and water, ragi sangati is one of the most popular dishes. For making this dish once the rice has been cooked, millet flour is added to it while continuously mixing to ensure no lumps appear. We will then leave the mixture alone till it cools down. Once that is done, the next step is to give the mix a round ball shape. Peanut chutney complements ragi sangati very beautifully.


Tomato Pappu


Dal (Pappu) is one of the staples in most of the Indian households. This Rayalaseema dish of tomato pappu has a tangy taste that uplifts what might seem like a simple dish.


Natu Kodi Pulusu


This is one of the most loved non-vegetarian Rayalaseema dishes. The literal translation of the dish’s name is country chicken curry. It is spicy and usually comes with a side of ragi sangati. Rice and chappatis also taste delicious when used as an accompaniment.




Along with a pleasant taste, this horse gram soup comes packed with health benefits as well. It is a complete delight when it is during winters.


Kheema Muttilu


Prepared from lamb meat, kheema muttila works as a perfect snack. The minced lamb patties melt in your mouth, and exquisite flavours are all that’s left behind.




The only way to end this heavenly list is with a sweet dish. Bobbatlu is a sweetened flatbread, whose stuffing is a mixture of chana dal and jaggery. Although making this dish could be a long process, we are firm believers of ‘all good things take time’.