Hyderabad is a hub for many dishes ranging from the street junk to royal desserts. It is a land of various spices that flourish the food industry. It shows a combination of multiple flavours with a touch of its tanginess. When you think of the best food to eat in Hyderabad, there is a never-ending list of dishes you can try.

Hyderabad is not only rich in mouth-watering food, but it also has a variety of cookies, tea and snacks. Here is some best food to eat in Hyderabad for at least ones in your lifetime.




Pani Puri is a favourite snack for everyone irrespective of their age. If you try this in Hyderabad, you will sense different taste. It is because of tangy, spicy and sweet flavours which are the speciality of this place. Also known as GolGappa, this is a very reasonable snack for someone who likes to try new flavours every day. This snack is found easily, and every stall has different spices to fulfil your mouth’s desire.




Irani Chai is a beverage that holds a bond with the settlers of Persia. It describes the culture of café in Hyderabad, which is followed by various generations. It strongholds its roots in the old city and is served with Osmania biscuits, tie biscuits, lukhmi and also with sweet cream. It is priced at very low rates and is perfect for tea lovers because of its uniqueness. Irani tea is a must try if you visit Hyderabad.




This is a dish that you can prepare at your place with a speciality of Hyderabad cuisine. It is an easy recipe with extraordinary flavours that consume less than half an hour to cook. It comprises the taste of tangy tomatoes with a sprinkle of spice. Pappu Dal is served in the main course with plain rice and pickles. Not only the taste, but it is also very healthy to eat because of the beneficial ingredients that are used to prepare the meal.




Hyderabadi Biryani is a name that pops up in everyone’s head if you plan to have biryani. This is the best thing that could happen to a non-veg lover. The name suggests that it is one of the favourable dishes of Hyderabad. Made with pure rice and chicken, this recipe shows the authentic flavours of the place and set a benchmark for all others.




A dessert direct from the kitchens of Hyderabad that makes you fall in love with sweets is Qubani Ka Meetha. Its origin is Hyderabad, and it never fails to impress the people. The finger-licking taste of this sweet dish prepared from apricots completes your meal and makes an unforgettable memory in your food diaries.

Just like a meal is incomplete without the starters, beverages and desserts; a blog on food to eat is also insufficient without including these delicious recipes. If you are planning a visit, don’t forget to try the best food in Hyderabad.