Andhra Pradesh is a land of culture and religions all scattered along the outskirts and every region of it. And as a real foodie knows that, with culture comes the mouth-watering epic foods. The origin of Andhra Pradesh cuisine can be dated to the emergence of Nawabs and Sultans in South India. They brought along with them the art of traditional delicacies.

Andhra cuisine is the most delightful. They are spicy as well as come with a tanginess and sourness that can be felt at the end of your mouth. For spice lovers, Andhra Pradesh is no less than Mexico.

Top spicy dishes from Andhra Pradesh are as follows:


Chepa Pulusa


Chepa Pulusu is a fish stew, that can also be considered as a dish from heaven for the non-veg lovers. This dish is prepared by cooking fish in a tamarind sauce base along with many other hot spices. Thus, this dish is spicy enough to make the taste buds dance. This cuisine is bathed in the aroma of fish, herbs and tamarind, making it the most loved seafood in Andhra Pradesh.


Gongura Mutton


Another finger-licking Andhra cuisine for the non-veg lovers is the Gongura mutton. Gongura is a leafy vegetable that tastes sour. The mutton is sautéed along with the Gongura and the never-ending list of spices that gives it the perfect, eye-watering taste and aroma.

The dish is comparatively low in calories that make it famous among the diet conscious people. It is usually prepared on special occasions, but hunger knows no time so you can always prepare it at home.


Gongura Pickle Ambadi


Gongura Pickle Ambadi is the most subtle chutney along with every Andhra Pradesh cuisine. It is prepared by sautéing Gongura leaves in freshly prepared and powdered spices and pickles, served along with ghee roti. If you want to taste all the pickles at the same time, this chutney is best to try.


Gutti Vankaya Koora


This Telugu cuisine is prepared from small eggplants in a peanut and coconut base. The dish is cooked along with several spices which are made stable with the use of coconut milk, thus creating a well-balanced and perfect dish.

Gutti Vankaya Koora is prepared in almost every household of Andhra Pradesh. It is a dish that will even leave a trace on your soul and leave you craving for more.




Pulihora is prepared basically from tamarind and rice. The tamarind is balanced with the use of rice. The dish usually is salty and sour.

This meal is usually prepared on special occasions, but anyone can prepare it at home also as, to be honest satisfaction of hunger is no less than salvation. It is also famous among travellers as this dish stays fresh for two days after being prepared.

Andhra Pradesh cuisine is spicy as well as sour in taste-making that can make vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians fall in love with it.