Eating junk food is delightful but healthy food doesn’t have to be dull always. Eating healthy with flavours of spice, sweet and salt is the new trend liked by many people. If you are planning to cook or go out for a meal, Andhra cuisine is worth a try. It comprises all the healthy benefits of food recipes you will look forward to eating with a touch of all the flavours.




Some of the healthy benefits of food recipes that you will look forward to eating are:


Bay Leaves


Bay leaves, also known as Tej Patta are used in many continents, especially in biryani, to give a pleasant fragrance and taste to the food before serving. Adding bay leaves to your diet is beneficial for your health due to its boons. It keeps you protected from heart diseases, a perfect cure for diabetic patients and helps your wounds to heal naturally. It is a herb that helps you to break down proteins and digest your meal quickly.




Coconut chutney which goes with many of the dishes is rich in flavour. It is famous in numerous cuisines and has kept a top-notch position in the fitness industry as well. Coconut contains many health benefits as it helps to control diabetes, reduces belly fat, combat cancer, keeps us hydrated, keeps skin clear and hydrated and improves blood cholesterol and blood pressure.




Spicy food is the speciality of Andhra cuisines. Green chillies used in the recipes have many healthy benefits. They come with zero calories and lower down the body temperature, which is why hot regions prefer to eat spicy food. They protect from cancer, act as a pain reliever and are suitable for the immune system, eyes, skin and boosting mood. This spice also helps to control your sugar levels.




It is an ingredient used to prepare many sweet dishes which is more effective and advantageous as compared to sugar. Jaggery is commonly known to purify your body, blood and detox livers. But the unknown facts are it also helps in menstrual pains, reduces joint pains and also helpful in treating respiratory problems.




Tamarind is one of the most used ingredients to prepare sweet and sour chutneys. It is not only known for its flavour but has various benefits to your health. It is useful in treating fever, cold, constipation, stomach disorder and liver and gallbladder problems. Tamarind improves the symptoms of dry eyes and kills the bacteria in your intestine.

Next time when you visit a place for a meal with your cherished ones, keep in mind that you can taste all the flavours in healthy diets as well. Adding these ingredients may help you in the long run, along with giving a pleasant sensation to your tongue.