When it comes to an event – the food which is served at can make or break an event, few things are as

important as the quality, flavour and appearance of the food and beverages you serve. Your decision of

which caterer to hire is essential as good food makes good memories.

Catering is often a line-item cost for most events; the caterer you choose will most likely be a budgetary

decision. This will influence how much money you will have leftover to spend on other areas depending

on food costs and quantities. Some caterers can dramatically increase their pricing and the types of

meals and services they offer. The process of selecting the right caterer can be a tough choice given the

variety of options available.


So we have made the following list of the criteria that you must keep in mind while selecting a caterer:

Proactiveness and responsiveness:


● Always gage the proactiveness of a potential caterer their responsiveness during your initial

conversations is indicative of how they will perform.

● Most caterers claim to have the best-tasting food made with the best ingredients at the most

competitive price. But it is a rare for them to actually meet customers’ needs.

● A prospective caterer should be learning and asking questions, and you must provide them with

answers and outlining your needs. If the caterer is not asking relevant questions about the

upcoming event, they are not concered.

The capability of working the specific event

● Every caterer is not suitable for every type of event.

● Caterers offer abroad range of events, but they are built to serve different markets. Some are

more effective than others. Each caterer have their own expertise they specialize in so even a

caterer with an excellent reputation may not be the best suited for your event.

● Some specialize in smaller intimate-type social events. Others specialize in serving significant

corporate, weddings events etc. Few offer services that cater to both with excellence like

Rayalseema Ruchulu.

● So when you are selecting your caterer for your event, for example, a wedding. Be specific about

the type of food and presentation you want. Otherwise, you will end up selecting a caterer who

isn’t suitable for the event you are hosting

● Some caterers excel with continental food that is great for corporate events, some with

exceptional Indo- Chinese options for that themed event, and others shine with an elegance

that works well for weddings. You should select the caterer that is best suitedfor that specific

function, not just because you’ve used their services previously.


Flexibility with regards to the menu


● Almost every caterer has a standard menu that you can choose from. Most of them do have

level of built-in flexibility to adapt these menus to your specific needs by substituting specific

items and customizing others.

● However, a good catering service will go beyond the normal menu options .

● A a good caterer must be able to create anamazing fare that matches even more specific theme

and dietary needs.

Knowing the venue

● You will bes surprised if you choose to hire a fast-food joint to cater to a traditional Telugu

Wedding. Or if you choose a high-end caterer to serve at a kids birthday party because these

caterers may not be prepared to serve food in such that particular setting.

Transparency in the contract

● Make sure that the caterer’s contract is clear in terms of what food, beverages and services the

caterer will they be providing on the designated day.

● Every minor detail should be clearly understood between the client and the caterer. This

includes selecting the menu, the number of servings and people to be served, beverage/bar

service details (if applicable) and all pricing and additional services.

Have a cancellation plan

● Make sure there is a backup just in case your caterer has to cancel.

Have references

● You will need to do a background check about the caterers you are considering, and it’s always

good to start to check their online reviews and ratings. And remember that the chef’s

background and experience is essential when it comes to sealing the deal