When the first drops of monsoon rains touch the ground, a feeling of relief washes over everyone. And along with that relief, you can also feel the food cravings taking over. Much like fashion, our food habits are also likely to be influenced by trends. So, here we have curated the monsoon food trends for you,

Indulge your cravings but with care


No one has enough restraint to say no to a cup of chai and fritters when the rain comes pouring down. But you can always prepare them in a healthier but equally delicious way to be enjoyed. Dosas and Uttappams (served with sambhar and chutney), dhokla, corn on the cob, ragda pattice, chole tikki are some of the other favourite dishes that you can try. Use of less oil and keeping a check on the quantity will ensure the snacks don’t affect your health.


Monsoon food trends


Brunch is a relatively older concept but what’s new on the grapevine of monsoon food trends is a ‘monsoon brunch’. Chefs are curating enticing menus to lure you in this season. From grilled meat, pizzas to healthy salads and soups, you are presented with delectable food. Being in the company of your friends and family only adds on to this delicious experience.

With restrictions imposed due to Covid-19, you might have to opt for takeaway and follow physical distancing, but the food will taste just as good.


DIY (Do it yourself)


With the usual hygiene problems of the monsoon this time, we are faced with the worries of a pandemic as well. Now it has become all the more important to stay home and not eat out. Whether the kitchen is your forte or you are someone who barely knows their way around, there are dishes for each one of you that you can make. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get cooking.


Go vegan & organic


We have already been seeing a shift toward veganism and an inclination for organic food. People are getting more conscious of the source of the food they consume. This shift has further speeded up because of Covid-19 and environmental concerns. Hence, the reduced use of meat and choosing organically grown products is another monsoon food trend you will see catching up with you. Although this in no way will lead to compromising on taste.


Rise of regional cuisine


India is home to different cuisines. And we see more acceptance of the various local delicacies. There just couldn’t be a better time than monsoons for you to try these recipes. From moong dal pakoda, kalmi vada, muthia, vada pao to buckwheat dosa, murukku, kanda bhajji, punugula, the list just goes on. There’s so much more in store for us to explore and cherish.