Paya is a hot soup, made with lamb trotters. The broth has a thin consistency when compared to haleem and has a delicate yet deep flavour. A variation of Paya is available around the world, the current version came to be from the Indian subcontinent. Believed to have originated in the land of Persia, Paya is traditionally prepared by simmering lamb trotters in boiling water along with aromatic spices and herbs for flavour. The flavoured broth, along with bones, is served as a starter or as part of the main course. This simple and timeless dish can be served with Sheeramal. Rayalseema Ruchulu serves one of the best tasting Paya Shorba in Hyderabad. Below is the recipe that is used by the chefs at Rayalseema Ruchulu.


(Serves 6)

● 3 medium-sized onions, finely chopped

● 3/4 cup- Oil

● 1/4 tsp- Tumeric Powder

● 1 tbsp- Coriander Powder

● 1 tbsp- Ginger ground

● 1 tbsp- Garlic ground

● 1 tsp- Red Chili Powder

● 2 sticks Cinnamon – (1 inch each)

● 6 – Cloves

● 6 – Cardamoms brown

● 8 – lamb trotters (Mutton legs/ Paya)

● 1 – bunch Coriander leaves

● Few sprigs of mint

● Juice of 2 limes

● Water

● Salt to taste


● Fry the onions till it turns golden brown.

● Add turmeric powder, coriander powder, ginger, garlic, stir in the pan until the smell disappears.

● Next, add cinnamon, salt, cloves, cardamoms and stir it for a couple of seconds.

● Add lamb trotters and 6 cups of water. Cook the mixture on medium flame till the bones turn soft.

● Alternatively, pressure cook the mixture for about an hour.

● When the broth is cooked, notice the layer of fat and ghee on the top.

● Add lime juice, chopped coriander and mint leaves. Simmer this for 5 minutes.

Serve hot in large soup bowls accompanied with Sheermal (flatbread)