Telangana dishes are known for their exquisite taste as the blend of spices used is different than other places. So here comes the list of best 15 dishes of Telanagana cuisine that you can walkthrough:


Garijalu: Moniker for Kajjikaya, called as ‘gujiya’ in Madhya Pradesh, this dry and sweet has stuffed with grated coconut & sugar with a subtle taste of cardamom in it. The covering is made of maida deeply fried in ghee. The coating is such that the sweet becomes semicircular in shape. There are still doubts about whether this sweet was originated from Telanagana or Maharashtra, but the dessert has become quite popular in the country given its delicious taste.

Hyderabadi Biryani: Savoured with love all across India, the dish is known to be one of the brightest jewels in the Indian cuisine. Known for its subtly mixed spices and fragrances the biryani is cooked in a big vessel, named as handi with the marinated mutton. It had two different methods of cooking, and as a result of its wonders, even a vegetarian version is prevalent these days.

Pachi Pulusu: This is an easy-cooked dish as compared to rasam and its first replacement. The difference between the cooking methods of two is the rasam requires boiled tamarind while pachi pulusu just soaking it in boiled waterworks. It is impossible to talk about Telangana cuisine and not to mention its name.

Golichina Mamsam: Telanaga cuisine has softer sied for nin vegetarian dishes. As a result of which Golichina has been stealing hearts in its restaurants. The recipe is known for its spicy savour encrusted in thick gravy which is the result of cooking for a long time in low fame with fine details so that the spice is snuggled till the core of every piece of meat. It is usually enjoyed with chapatis and rice.

Chegodilu: It is the complement for your chai and coffee. Its makers bet that one cant stop after tasting it. It has its crisp and salty qualities owing to sesame seed and deeply frying cooking method. The spice can not be felt at the moment you eat it. Later!

Puntikura Chana Dal: It is a green -leafy vegetable and one of the most popular victuals in Telanaga Cuisine. Also known as Gongura. One can savour it both ways- either mixing it with Chana dal or pickles. It has its origin from Telangana and is deeply consumed all over India.

Bachali Kura: The leafy vegetable is known for Ceylon or Malabar spinach. The herb has very many health benefits as it is rich in Vitamin A and C, Calcium & Iron.

Malidalu: This dish is your beautiful saviour when you have leftovers of rotis and you are in no mood to consume it. You require jaggery and every kind of dry fruit you like. This dish concoction of chapati and jaggery with the sprinkle of cashew, pista and nuts.

Sarva Pindi: This is a very healthy food type shaped like tortillas and is suitable for both- breakfast and snacks. The savoury pancake primarily consists of chana dal, peanuts, and flour made of rice and chilli. This soft and scrumptious dish is also known as Ginne Appa.