Telugu cuisine comprises ragi which is popular in the state of Rayalaseema, rice from Andhra and Rayalaseema and wheat-based breads as a staple food in semi-arid Telangana region. Recipes from Rayalaseema are a branch of Telugu cuisine with various cookery because of the vast length of the people and different topological regions.

Food of Rayalaseema is known for its spicy flavour. The chefs try to spice up the dishes by adding chillies in almost everything. The place is also known for its non-vegetarian recipes. So if you are a chicken and spicy food lover, Rayalaseema is a paradise for you.


Top dishes from Rayalaseema


Some of the top dishes from Rayalaseema that we can’t stop loving are:


Jeedi Pappu Kuda


It is one of the most pleasing vegetarian dishes that you can try in Rayalaseema. Jeedi pappu kuda, also known as the cashew curry, is listed as top dishes from the place which you can also prepare at home. It is fancy food prepared on special occasions or weekends.

The curry is rich in ingredients and has a tangy flavour. If you are a diet freak, Jeedi pappu kura is the perfect food that you can look forward to without the stress of increasing calories.


Seema Kodi


Seema kodi is a chicken curry with the taste of Andhra cuisine. It is prepared with the spicy taste and speciality of Rayalaseema. It is a lip-smacking food recipe that takes more time to prepare with fewer ingredients. This curry is good to take as starters where the gravy stands with eye-watering spices.


Royyala Iguru


Are you tired of eating chicken and meat? Let’s try some seafood then. Royyala iguru is a dish of prawns sautéed in onion, chilli, curry leaves and spices. It is a less time-consuming dish with flavours of delish. It is a mixture of sweetness and spicy food that you will look forward to eating.

It can be eaten with roti or bread as it comes with thick gravy.


Chepala Pulao


Chepala pulao again is a top dish from Rayalaseema when we talk about hospitality. It is a fish pulao and also a dish to be added in the list of non-veg fans. It isn’t very spicy like the other food recipes of this place but set a benchmark in the top dishes from Rayalaseema that we can’t stop loving.

It is a full meal that doesn’t include any gravy, curry or chutney.


Sorakaya Halwa


Sorakaya, known as bottle gourd, which is usually not liked by kids, has taken a new turn in the food industry as a dessert. Again, for the gym enthusiasts, this sweet dish is significantly less in calories and more in energy. It is garnished with dry fruits, which makes it look more yummy.