1st April - 20th April 2019

Being in the food industry for over 16 years now, we feel responsible to bring back the age-old recipes such as Ammama’s Saravapindi, Nana amma's Bajjila Sallacharu, Kodi Guddu Miram, Mamsam Shorva, and many other specialities, which were staples then. The Telangana Food Festival, Pakka Telangana Ruchulu was not just a celebration of food, but a celebration of the timeless recipes of Telangana where we have recreated some of the oldest recipes of Telangana like Mamsam Shorva, Talakaya Kura, and many more under the guidance of our home cook. It was heartwarming to experience these culinary traditions come live in our kitchens. The food festival recently was well appreciated by city diners who savoured the authentic Telangana recipes such as sakinalu, pesaru gaare with venna, oori kodi miram, chepa fry, mamidikaya royyalu, ariselu, peni and many more authentic specials. Our endeavour is to bring many more home chefs and lost cuisines, to the limelight.